Taking Stock: The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals
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In 2020, the United Nations celebrated its 75th anniversary. 1014 takes a look at their key targets - the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals. They spoke with seventeen local initiatives in the U.S. and Europe that are trying to put these goals into action.

The interviews were conducted by  and published here with their permission!

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  • Agenda 2030
    SDG Ziel 2: Kein Hunger
    Sabine Werth, Berliner Tafel
    Sabine Werth, Berliner Tafel© Dietmar Gust
    Sabine Werth, Berliner Tafel © Dietmar Gust

    Goal 2 – Zero Hunger

    1014 spoke with Sabine Werth of Berliner Tafel e.V. about hunger in Berlin. Sabine is the founder and chairperson of the non-profit organization which has been distributing food to those in need since it was founded in 1993.

  • Agenda 2030
    SDG Ziel 3: Gesundheit und Wohlergehen
    Creighton Drury, Partnership to End Addiction
    Creighton Drury, Partnership to End Addiction © 1041 Inc.
    Creighton Drury, Partnership to End Addiction © 1041 Inc.

    Goal 3 - Good Health and Well-Being

    1014 spoke with Creighton Drury, executive director of Partnership to End Addiction, about the addiction epidemic in the United States. After joining the organization in 2018, Creighton oversaw the merger of two prominent addiction nonprofits, Partnership for Drug-Free Kids and the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse.

  • Agenda 2030
    SDG Ziel 8: Menschenwürdige Arbeit und Wirtschaftswachstum
    Top view group of people forming a growth chart
    Top view group of people forming a growth chart© Getty Images/Orbon Alija
    Top view group of people forming a growth chart © Getty Images/Orbon Alija

    Goal 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth

    1014 spoke with Zakia Moulaoui Guery, founder of Invisible Cities, and Alice Sparks who runs their Manchester branch. Invisible Cities, an organization based in the UK, is a social enterprise which strives to empower people who have lived on the streets with tour guide jobs.

  • Agenda 2030
    SDG Ziel 12: Nachhaltige/r Konsum und Produktion
    Martine Postma, Repair Café International Foundation
    Martine Postma, Repair Café International Foundation© Martin Waalboer/Repair Café
    Martine Postma, Repair Café International Foundation © Martin Waalboer/Repair Café

    Goal 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production

    It has started in Amsterdam and has now become a global movement with more than 2,000 local Repair Café groups in 36 countries. We spoke to Martine Postma, founder and director of the Repair Café International Foundation.

  • Agenda 2030
    SDG Ziel 13: Maßnahmen zum Klimaschutz
    Young female activist holds sign against climate change "Act now"
    © Getty Images/coldsnowstorm
    © Getty Images/coldsnowstorm

    Goal 13 - Climate Action

    1014 spoke with Johanna Neumann, Senior Director for energy campaigns at Environment America, about climate change and the protection of the environment in the United States.

  • Agenda 2030
    SDG Ziel 14: Leben unter Wasser
    Antidia Citores und Sofiane Hadine, Surfrider Foundation
    © Sofiane Hadine/Antidia Citores
    © Sofiane Hadine/Antidia Citores

    Three questions about SDG 14

    1014 spoke with Antidia Citores, the Legal, Lobbying and Campaign Manager of the Surfrider Foundation Europe, and Sofiane Hadine who is in charge of the Ocean Initiatives, a program supported by the Surfrider Foundation Europe, about how to sustain oceans, seas and marine resources, especially through clean up actions.

  • Agenda 2030
    SDG Ziel 15: Leben an Land
    Hands plant a young seedling in fertile soil
    © Getty Images/LukaTDB
    © Getty Images/LukaTDB

    Three questions about SDG 15

    1014 spoke with Diana Chaplin, the Canopy Director of One Tree Planted, a nonprofit on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees.

  • Agenda 2030
    SDG Ziel 16: Frieden, Gerechtigkeit und starke Institutionen
    Ulf Buermeyer
    Ulf Buermeyer© Paul Lovis Wagner
    Ulf Buermeyer © Paul Lovis Wagner

    Three questions about SDG 16

    1014 spoke with Ulf Buermeyer, President of the Gesellschaft für Freiheitsrechte (GFF), about justice, the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms, and strong institutions in Germany.

  • Agenda 2030
    SDG Ziel 17: Partnerschaften zur Erreichung der Ziele
    Brian Gallagher, United Way Worldwide
    Brian Gallagher, United Way Worldwide© 1014 Inc.
    Brian Gallagher, United Way Worldwide © 1014 Inc.

    Three questions about SDG 17

    1014 spoke with Brian Gallagher, President and Chief Executive Officer of United Way Worldwide, about global partnerships for sustainable development.

  • Agenda 2030
    SDG Ziel 1: Keine Armut
    Karl Chan, Bowery Mission
    © 1014, Inc.
    © 1014, Inc.

    Three Questions on SDG 1

    1014 spoke with Karl Chan about poverty in New York City. Karl Chan is deputy director of the Bowery Mission and responsible for partnerships. His passion for justice and social equality led him to his current role at the Bowery Mission, which has been serving homeless and hungry New Yorkers since 1870.

  • Agenda 2030
    SDG Ziel 4: Hochwertige Bildung
    Ulf Matysiak
    Ulf Matysiak© 1041 Inc.
    Ulf Matysiak © 1041 Inc.

    Goal 4 - Quality Education

    1014 spoke with Ulf Matysiak of Teach First Deutschland about equitable quality education in Germany. Ulf is the CEO of the non-profit organization which has been teaching children in low-income neighborhood schools since it was founded in 2009.

  • Agenda 2030
    SDG Ziel 5: Geschlechtergleichheit
    Jenny Dembrow & Ebonie Simpson
    Jenny Dembrow & Ebonie Simpson© private
    Jenny Dembrow & Ebonie Simpson © private

    Goal 5 – Gender equality and Women’s empowerment

    1014 spoke with Jenny Dembrow and Ebonie Simpson, Co-Executive Directors of the Lower Eastside Girls Club in New York City, about connecting girls and young women to healthy and successful futures and the importance of community engagement.