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Did you study in Germany, do research or complete an advanced training course? Or did you take part in a German language course or other educational options at a German institution in your home country? The Alumniportal will help you as Germany-Alumni to keep up your connection with Germany. Would you like to brush up on your German language skills, work for a German company in your country or simply make interesting contacts or receive information about Germany? Then pay us a visit!

A social network for knowledge exchange and cooperation

Would you like to get in touch with German institutions, qualified experts or simply with nice people all over the world with interesting biographies?

The Alumniportal will offer connections that can be helpful and interesting, both for your professional and your private life, and it provides you with opportunities for long-term networking and exchange. In the online community, there are various ways for you to get actively involved. 

  • Find information and join the exchange of ideas and experiences in groups

Interviews, portraits and news from German institutions

Are you interested in German points of view on international issues? Do you enjoy reading articles on German culture? Would you like to know more about the activities and services of German organisations abroad? Or about the biographies of other Germany-Alumni?

On the Alumniportal, you will find many useful, interesting and entertaining articles.

Announcements, events and advanced training programmes

Would you like to take part in events and upgrade your education?

The Alumniportal gives a focused overview of activities and education opportunities provided by German organisations working in an international context. 

Location-independent webinars and virtual fairs

Would you like to develop your expert knowledge or your professional skills with very little fuss?

The Alumniportal provides several virtual formats that will help you to develop your capacities and your career. You can take part free of charge and from your own home. 

International job and career opportunities

Are you looking for a job with a German company or would you like to find out about career options?

Many Germany-Alumni have very good expert and language skills and are familiar with the German way of thinking and working. That is why they are of great interest for German companies and organisations worldwide. The Alumniportal brings companies and alumni together and supports alumni in finding employment. 

Free German language options

Would you like to brush up on your German language skills?

The topic of “German language” is very important on the Alumniportal, because nearly all alumni have some knowledge of the German language. Use our language-learning options and exchange your skills with other learners in the online community!

Online tools for alumni associations and networks

Are you a member of an alumni association or an alumni network?

There are hundreds of alumni networks run for and by Germany-Alumni worldwide. The Alumniportal provides these networks with a platform and various means of support.