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Support for 62 Afghan IT specialists

On August 15, 2021, the Afghan government was overthrown by the Taliban. The four alumni of the computer science master’s program at the Center for International and Intercultural Communication (ZiiK) at the TU Berlin fled their offices that day and from day to day they lost not only their jobs, but also the hope they had in them country had returned after studying in Berlin.

Agriculture in Uganda

Jobs and opportunities for young people

Avocados, pineapples, mangoes and passion fruit: Uganda can offer a wide range of delicious fruit and vegetables, but also popular varieties of coffee and tea. Gyaviira Kaleebu sees huge potential in Uganda’s fertile soils and wants to use agricultural processing factories to improve the economic situation in his country.

Dream job as an influencer? The jungle of self-employment

Dana Newman has made it. She moved from Florida to Munich and is now a successful social media entrepreneur in Germany. She uses her YouTube channel ‘Wanted Adventure’ to narrate funny misunderstandings that are encountered when you're new to Germany. Her videos have since been viewed over 40 million times. But she first had to learn how to work as a freelancer in Germany.

Sustainability beyond Confines

Can the desire for sustainability transcend the confines of our realities? Erick Agure shares his personal experience working with people from around the world. His motto: think global, act local!