Alumni with a spirit of social entrepreneurship

  • 2023-06-29
  • Christina Pfänder
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Agenda 2030
SDG Ziel 2: Kein Hunger
Agricultural robot surveilling a pepper field
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Designing crisis-proof and eco-friendly food systems is one of the most urgent challenges of modern times. Intensive use of ever more arable land is required to alleviate hunger among the growing world population; yet monoculture and the use of pesticides are endangering biodiversity and the habitats of countless animals. Alumniportal Deutschland therefore used Community Challenge 2022 to ask for innovative ideas regarding sustainable agriculture – and received numerous proposals from committed Germany alumni. T

he finalists presented their pioneering concepts at the end of the competition and exchanged ideas regarding innovative solutions. The winners also received coaching from global development management consultancy Social Impact: it supported them in producing a business plan and discussed financial aspects, marketing strategies and funding opportunities with them. Four participants reflect on Community Challenge 2022 and on what has happened in their projects since then.

Community Challenge 2023

Green energy and infrastructure, accessibility, affordable accommodation, waste management or the retention of culture and natural heritage: in 2023, the Alumniportal Deutschland Community Challenge is placing its focus on shaping a city or town worth living in. Over 50 per cent of the world population is now living in urban areas – and is accordingly struggling to cope with congested infrastructure and pollution. Climate change is in particular also threatening coastal towns and cities that are at risk of flooding and storm surges. There is therefore a demand for entrepreneurial ideas that help cities and communities become more sustainable, equitable and resilient, putting the well-being of people and the planet first. Germany alumni who have expertise in sectors such as urban planning, architecture, waste and water management, energy, transport, social innovation or finance can still submit their applications by 23 July 2023. Click  to apply.

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