„We try to go out as little as possible“

Xanat Herrera was born in Mexico but has lived most of her life in Greece and Spain. She was living in Barcelona before starting her current studies, a master’s degree in Computational Linguistics at the University of Stuttgart.

When the pandemic started she flew back to her home country – and didn’t manage to return to Stuttgart so far. Fortunately, her university has managed to offer a fully digital semester, so Xanat Herrera’s studies have not been disrupted.

With her degree, she would like to find a job within the field of Natural Language Processing, so as to help improve an existing technology or application, such as Speech Recognition or Machine Translation systems. Through this experience she would like to eventually develop her own project, potentially related to Computer Assisted Learning. Concerning the place, Xanat Herrera is still open, but imagines herself settling down somewhere in Europe in the future.

Interview: Marlene Thiele



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July 2020

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