"We weren’t allowed out any more"

Lucie Bathie is taking a Dual Master’s Degree in Aerospace at TU Munich and the École Centrale in Paris. The corona pandemic took her by surprise during a vacation in her home country of France, and even though more rigorous restrictions were imposed in France than in Germany, she hasn’t been back to Munich since. Her course has not been affected by the pandemic: lectures and seminars are now held online and Lucie Bathie is busy studying to prepare for her exams in July and August.

The 22-year-old comes from the Lyon area and did German at school. But Lucie is not just in Germany to improve her language skills: the main reason is because her subject area aerospace is especially strong here. She likes Germany and feels very much at home in Bavaria in particular. In fact, she could even imagine living and working in Germany on a long-term basis.

Interview: Marlene Thiele

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July 2020

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