Henriette Herz Scouting Programme

Organisation: Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Deadline varies

By introducing the Henriette Herz Scouting Programme, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is opening up a new way of accessing the Humboldt Research Fellowship in parallel with the standard application procedure. It will allow selected hosts to recruit suitable candidates from abroad as Humboldt Research Fellows by means of a direct award procedure. Every year, up to 100 additional research fellowships will be granted in this way.

The aim is to attract researchers, who for various reasons do not apply for one of the Foundation’s fellowships themselves, both for collaboration with a research institution in Germany and for the Humboldt Network. This way, the Foundation wants to reach new subject-specific and regional target groups in particular and increase the percentage of women in the research fellowship programme at the same time.

The Henriette Herz Scouting Programme comprises three phases:

1. Selection of scouts

Irrespective of whether you are an internationally renowned academic with a concomitant network or have only just become a professor or head of a research group, apply to become a scout in the Henriette Herz Scouting Programme. With your knowledge, connections and commitment you can scout gifted scientific talents for Germany and your own institute. Every year, the Humboldt Foundation will select up to 40 scouts in a competitive peer-review process.

2. Granting of Humboldt Research Fellowships on recommendation of the scout

As a scout you will be able to recommend up to three outstanding international junior researchers with whom you would like to cooperate for a Humboldt Research Fellowship. If a recommendation is approved by Humboldt head office, the fellowship will be granted in the framework of the Humboldt Research Fellowship Programme.

3. Ex-post evaluation of the research fellows sponsoredWas the sponsorship you initiated a success?

About a year after the respective fellowship has been completed, independent peer reviewers will be asked to evaluate the results of sponsorship and subsequently present it to the Selection Committee. Their reviews will be based on the reports written by your fellows and your own assessment. If the results are positive, you will be eligible to re-apply for the right to scout for further fellows.

You can submit an application to become a scout to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at any time.

Further information on the general regulations, e.g. on the application cirteria and the application and selection process, as well as the online application form are available .


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