Dicussion: Can the forests still be saved?

Deforestation in the Amazon
Deforestation in the Amazon © Gettyimages / luoman


Large areas of forest have been lost around the world for centuries. The dramatic pace of forest loss is also reflected in Global Forest Watch's (GFW) 2021 analysis. The largest forest losses in the last 20 years (2001 to 2020) were in Russia (76 million hectares) and Brazil (62.8 million hectares). They are closely followed by Canada (46.6 million hectares) and the USA (44.3 million hectares). But large areas of forest are also being lost in other regions of Asia and Africa. This is worrying because these forests play an important role in maintaining biodiversity and as a carbon sink for the global climate.

On the occasion of the International Day of Forests, German alumni and forest experts will discuss the global impact of the loss of forests on biodiversity and ecosystems. They share their knowledge on the topic, report on projects they are involved in and discuss ideas for solutions.

Recording of the Digital Fishbowl

Recording of the Digital Fishbowl
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