Workshop series on social entrepreneurship

You have or want to develop ideas to address environmental or social challenges? But you are wondering how to make it work? This workshop series will give you the chance to dive into the world of social entrepreneurship, but also provide you with the tools and skills you need as social entrepreneur to implement innovative business models - from the idea to implementation! This workshop series was developed together with the Falling Walls Foundation.

Workshop I: From Problem to Ideation

13 - 14 July 2022 | 2:00 - 5:00 pm (CEST)

Trainers: Lea Feldhaus & Julia Rummel from INNOKI

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Social Entrepreneurship

How can entrepreneurs synergise social responsibility and financial interests? We will look behind the broad meaning of social entrepreneurship, reflect on our personal understanding and give practical examples of careers and concepts in these sectors. You will meet role models, who will let you in on their personal journeys as social entrepreneurs.

  • Input: Terminology, Concepts & Business Models
  • Exercise: Reflect on social imbalances and potential business cases
  • Networking: Q&A with Social Entrepreneurs


You have been working on an idea for a while, but haven’t figured out how to translate it into a concrete business idea? Or maybe you have many ideas and cannot decide which one to follow? Based on the Design Thinking methodology, you will try out different ideation techniques. You will learn what makes a good idea and how to formulate it for testing.

  • Input: The Ideation Process and Problem-Solution-Fit
  • Exercise: Brainstorming methods and decision making: What makes a good product/service/business idea?
  • Play: Brainstorm and think out of the box!

Workshop II: From Ideation to Strategy

10 - 11 August 2022 | 2:00 - 5:00 pm (CEST)

Trainers: Hannah Robold & Leonie Bahl from BERLINER IDEENLABOR

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The Business Model Canvas

Do you work on an inspiring (research) topic or do you already have a great business idea in mind? The Business Model Canvas supports you in thinking your ideas through and transforming them into a solid business model. Through the application to your own case or an idea from the group, you learn which elements are essential in order to specify and make the idea applicable.

Session 1:
Input: Introduction to business modeling vs. business planning; getting to know the Business Model Canvas 
Exercise: hands-on working with the first elements of the Business Model Canvas

Session 2:
Exercise: hands-on working with the other elements of the Business Model Canvas
Transfer: Reflection and exchange on how to apply the tool outside the workshop

Workshop III: Your Innovation Skills & Pitch Training

7 - 8 September 2022 | 2:00 - 5:00 pm (CEST)

Trainers: Leonie Bahl from BERLINER IDEENLABOR und Lea Feldhaus/Julia Rummel from INNOKI

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Your Innovation Skills

Ignite your innovative potential. Reflect your skillset as an innovator and discover what you already bring to the table! Practise your entrepreneurial mindset and exchange with other participants with great skills and ideas.

  • Input: The variety of an Innovator's skillset
  • Exercise: reflect on your own skillset and identify the Entrepreneurial Superpower in a team
  • Play: Meet inspiring peers and combine your skillsets

Pitch Training

You want to be prepared for your next networking event, (research) presentation or elevator pitch? In this workshop, you learn and practise how to convince supporters or investors of your vision and personality. Develop your pitch storyline and receive feedback from our experts and an interdisciplinary team of peers who join with the ambition to innovate.

  • Input: Key principles for a convincing pitch
  • Exercise: Develop a storyline, set the stage and use your voice and gestures
  • Feedback: Experience how others perceive you and learn from your peers
  • Play: Experiment, push and fail forward!

Who can register?

The advanced training series takes place online and is aimed at:

Graduates, PhD candidates and postdocs among registered members of the Alumniportal Community.

Further requirements:

If you want to take part in the advanced training series on social entrepreneurship, you should meet the following selection criteria:

  • You have an idea or planning to develop entrepreneurial ideas with social impact.
  • You have completed your first university degree.
  • Availability of the required technical equipment (fast and stable internet access, webcam, headset).

Note: In addition to fulfilling the selection criteria, places at the online training will be allocated according to the principle of "first come - first served". Membership on the Alumniportal Deutschland is required to participate in the advanced training.

Organisational and technical details

The workshop is held online on two half days of 3 hours each including breaks, usually in the afternoon Central European Time (CET). The number of participants per seminar is limited to 12 people.

The online seminars take place in the video conference application "Zoom". The use is free of charge for the participants and complies with data protection regulations.

A (free) membership in the Alumniportal Deutschland Community is required to participate. As part of the training, participants exchange ideas in a closed group on the Alumniportal Deutschland. Updates to the seminars, links to presentations and further information are also stored here.

The seminars are held in English language

You will receive a certificate of attendance in case you have attended both sessions.

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Deadline: 30 June 2022

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In case you have any questions, please write at


  • Lea Feldhaus Lea Feldhaus
  • Julia Rummel Julia Rummel
  • Hannah Robold Hannah Robold
  • Leonie Bahl Leonie Bahl


Design Thinking / Psychology / UX / Systemic Consulting

As a trained psychologist, UX expert and design thinker, Lea Feldhaus moderates cross-departmental, team-based innovation and change processes (e.g. at Daimler AG, the City of Hamburg, KfW). These are organised as workshops lasting one or more days and in project-accompanying formats over several weeks. With her work she wants to enable teams to work together more effectively towards a common goal, to develop a better understanding of the perspective of their users and to maintain this in the cooperation.


Design Thinking / Medical Neuroscience / Systemic Coaching

Julia Rummel is a trained design thinker, a certified systemic coach (ECA*) and a doctor of neuroscience. What connects all three subjects with each other and with her? People are always at the centre of her work. Consistent user-centricity is not only a concern for her in the development of products and services, but also in internal company processes vis-à-vis employees. Julia moderates team-based change processes (e.g. City of Hamburg, Daimler AG) and enjoys working with scientists (e.g. Charité, Neurasmus, Falling Walls Foundation).


Design Thinking / Communication Design / Strategic Visualisation

In one-day and multi-day workshops and serial projects, Hannah brings people together to initiate sustainable change processes and get them moving. Through the immediate visualisation of abstract concepts, she brings teams with diverse horizons of experience and expertise onto a common course and enables communication and participation beyond the workshop, especially in projects of relevance to society as a whole (Berlin Senate Department for Integration, Labour and Social Affairs / Democracy Managers / version 21 (Die Zeit) / Futurium).



Design Thinking / Futures Thinking / Ecosocial Design

Leonie is an ecosocial designer and design thinker. Her heart beats for social innovations and the co-creative design of socio-ecological futures. In one-day and multi-day online and offline formats, Leonie works with diverse actors to ignite the first sparks of change and develop new ideas (Berlin Senate Department for Integration, Labour and Social Affairs / Social Innovation for Refugee / Futurium). With her work, she wants to encourage people to question patterns of thought and action, to develop new regenerative concepts and to dare the unknown with joy.

The workshop series is developed in cooperation with

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