Do you understand German?

Letters forming the word "Deutsch"
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Since this section focusses on the subject of "Learning German", these pages are only available in German.


  • Vanni Lian


    I am really need to improve my German skill especially in gramatik and conversation. The German language is going to be a step to begin my carrer for me.
    So, it is very essential fory future too.

  • Mustafa Nasiri


    Hello everyone, I am here to learn and practice German. I am living in Germany, but due to my work at university, I can't attend regular German courses.

  • Kirsten


    Hi Ali,

    nice to hear from you! At the Alumniportal Deutschland we have lots of free online exercises to help you practise your German! Have a look at the section "Learning German". If you scroll down, you can also discover other offers, for example from the Goethe-Institut. Also, we offer events such as "Conversation lessons" where you can talk to other German learners and practice your German skills. The next round will be open for registration in November.

    Best wishes,
    Kirsten from the Alumniportal Deutschland Team

  • Ali


    Hello, good time, I want to learn German and I have a high school diploma, I don't know German. Thank you .

  • Ali


    great to join here

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