Climate Leaders Acting for the Present

  • Thaiane Maciel, Marcella Zeitune, Nicole Cruz, Jul
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Empowering Climate Leaders for Environmental Justice and Sustainability in Rio de Janeiro

Climate change is a consequence of an exploitative capitalist culture that disproportionately affects marginalized communities, including indigenous peoples, quilombolas, riverside communities, and Afro-diasporic populations. These vulnerable groups face heightened risks due to climate-related challenges, such as solid waste issues, lack of sanitazion, pollution, and public health concerns. In Rio de Janeiro, Guanabara Bay, a vital resource for millions, suffers from pollution and untreated sewage, causing floods and health problems.

Our organization recognizes climate change as a structural issue and prioritizes training individuals in socio-environmental vulnerability. We offer a "Climate Leadership" course to empower youth and adults in areas with limited access. By democratizing information and fostering sustainable technology education, we aim to empower communities to actively engage in shaping policies and solutions for a more equitable and sustainable future. Through shared knowledge and collective efforts, we aspire to cultivate climate leaders who champion environmental justice, community identity, and the appreciation of local territories.

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