Community Challenge 2022

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Do you have ideas on how to address global challenges? Would you like to develop your ideas on solutions or technologies into entrepreneurial concepts? Are you wondering if your social innovation ideas are feasible and if you have thought of everything? Or maybe you have not had the chance or dared to show it to other people, yet?  

Then join this community challenge for Germany alumni and present your social innovation idea to the community members. By participating in the challenge you can prove your concept, receive feedback, network, win prizes and maybe even turn your ideas into action. The challenge for 2022 is related to SDG 2 “Zero Hunger”  and has been formulated by community members as follows:  

Can your idea contribute to ecofriendly intensifications of agricultural systems?

The increased production of food, feed, bioenergy, and biomaterials is achieved by the expansion of agricultural land and the intensification of agricultural management. Due to the conversion of natural ecosystems and the increasing use of pesticides and fertilizers, these processes are recognized as important causes of biodiversity loss.  

We are in search of ideas that help to achieve a stable food provision for a growing population, and at the same time, preserve the immense variety of life on earth, which is vital to the health of our planet. 

The proposed solutions could for example tackle the problem described above by

  1. aiming for a more efficient use of natural resources and processes; 
  2. improving nutrient recycling techniques; or
  3. innovatiing agro-ecological methods for enhancing the diversity and the health of soils, crops, and livestock. e.g.: multi- or intercropping techniques, mulching, agroforestry etc..

How it works?

1. Submit your concept
2. Pitch your idea
3. Best ideas are voted
4. Winners receive entrepreneurial mentorship

Who is eligible to participate?

Germany alumni from all sectors/industries are eligible to participate. However, the challenge is addressed primarily at professionals from areas such as (organic) agriculture and/or health and nutrition. Ideas from both individuals and teams are welcome. Please note also, that you have to be a to participate in the pitch in case your idea is selected.

Why a social innovation challenge?

Germany alumni are young graduates, experienced professionals, executives, or researchers – the variety of their areas of expertise and skills is impressive. They are also engaged citizens wanting to contribute to a better future.  With this social innovation challenge we want to tap into this vast resource of knowledge within the community of Germany alumni and support the development of ideas that can have a positive impact on societies and our environment.  


In case you have any questions, feel free to contact one of the alumni team members behind the challenge or drop us a line at info(at) 

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