17 Sustainable Development Goals

Through the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the international community expresses their conviction that global challenges can only be met in cooperation. The Agenda’s core is a catalogue of 17 Sustainable Development Goals.  

How do we want to live in the year 2030?

No more poverty, a balanced climate, fair working conditions, intact ecosystems ... In the 2030 Agenda there are many visions of a better future – and many individuals and institutions working towards them. But we have still not achieved enough. So, what do we have to change? How can every single one of us help in a small way to build a better and more liveable future?

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Interview employment

“Africa is on the rise”

An interview with Germany-Alumna Onyeche Tifase, Managing Director and CEO of Siemens Nigeria. The electrical engineer is convinced that unemployment in Africa can be addressed through knowledge and the right financial support.

Biodiversity at school

The Hagenbeck school in Berlin is the only school in Germany that offers a unique formula for learning: In an effort to teach students the importance of species and ecosystems, every subject has a connection to biodiversity. Read here what makes this little school so attractive.