Between Two Worlds: Migration Has Many Faces

Many people care for the well-being of their families from abroad: they are working in foreign countries to send their money home. Nevertheless being apart from their beloved ones often is not easy – for example for Xitlali from Mexico, who works as a nanny in the USA missing her own children painfully. Dodong, a mechanic from the Philippines, is working in Saudi Arabia but is planning to open his own garage back home. Before returning home, he signed up for a training by an NGO from the Philippines who supports him in establishing his own business.

Six (fictional) picture stories show how diverse the life journeys of migrants are worldwide. Bojana fled from the war in Yugoslavia in 1993 to Germany and returned later from Bosnia to Munich as a trained nurse. After a PhD in Migration Studies in Oxford, Nazarkhan from Kyrgyzstan became State Secretary for Migration in his home country. You can also find out how the dream of the football world cup 2022 of Abhik from Nepal became a nightmare and how Zohra helps to shape Tunisia‘s social transformation from Germany.

The GIZ Sector Project Migration & Development is financed by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and aims at strengthening migration’s potentials and minimizing its risks in all phases of the migration cycle: before, during and after migration.

In order to do so, the Sector Project develops ideas to improve migrants’ situations in six core areas: migration policy advice, private sector development through migration, diaspora cooperation, remittances, labour migration and (re-)integration and return.

The six stories serve as examples for the six core areas. By illustrating migration’s potentials and challenges, they demonstrate how diverse migration actually is.

We would like to thank the GIZ Sector Project Migration & Development for providing us with the Stories about Migration and Development for further usage. The brochure can be downloaded in PDF format on the website of the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Download: Stories about Migration and Development

There you can also find a selection of links to documents and websites providing further information on migration issues.

BMZ: Migration – Documents and links

June 2017


Adel Rizk
22 June 2017

Thanks for the pretty information about migration between two world's. I also went to Saudia to work in Riyadh as engineer leaving my family in Egypt. This had a very severely affect on the family.

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