Kulturtipp zu SDG 1: Poetry slam about poverty in Germany

  • 2022-12-01
  • Janna Degener-Storr
Microphone stand on a stage, audience in blurry background
© Getty Images/Patrick Daxenbichler

Ella Elia Anschein is 25 years old. In a performance Elia talks about their own childhood, focusing on a taboo topic and one of the goals of Agenda 2023. Goal 1 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals stands for "".

A young person is speaking into the microphone with a strong voice and clear words. They talk about their mother and their childhood. About the poverty Elia experienced, and about feeling ashamed about it. Elia talks about ‘poverty in one’s head’, school yard violence and feelings of irrelevance and a lack of belonging. The performer shows emotions and says lines that are hard to forget. For example: ‘Poverty is being the third child in a country in which the risk of poverty increases exponentially from child three.’

In interviews such as with and the online chat show NicoGutjahr Elia explains that the text is autobiographical. can be seen on YouTube. Elia had previously presented the text . Ella Elia Anschein received plenty of praise for talking so openly about the issue of poverty in Germany.

Elia had always dreamt of a job featuring literature and the stage, and financed their theatre education with poetry slam performances. Elia’s texts also address other socio-political issues. Elia has won a number of awards, performs at political events, symposia and conferences and holds writing workshops for young people. Since the season 21/22 Ella Elia Anschein has been working at the Schlosstheater Celle.

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