Cultural tip on SDG 11: Munich’s creative quarter ‘WERK3’

  • 2022-12-15
  • Janna Degener-Storr
Sheep on the roof of WERK3 and the Frauenkirche in Munich in the background
Sheep on the roof of the WERK3 in Munich © URKERN 2022 Ivana Bilz

The nature project of Munich’s creative quarter ‘WERK3’ consists of a 2,500 square metres big meadow that is home to sheep, hares and chickens. A project that fits in perfectly with Goal 11 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals "".

The six sheep who live on the roof of the 2,500 square metres big in the east of Munich have plenty of room. Only hares and chickens share their pasture. The herd of Valais Blacknose sheep comprises female triplets and a ram. There are also two lambs that were born in October 2020.

‘It is not possible to visit the sheep on your own,’ URKERN GmbH explains on the . However, there are opportunities to view the meadow as a part of public city tours. It is explained on the homepage that the sheep, hares and chickens need a calm atmosphere: ‘Daily visits from large groups would not be beneficial to the animals and the rooftop environment.’

A team of the shepherd Nicolas Fricke is taking care of the sheep. The Munich-based project team points out that there is also a surveillance camera: ‘It is important not to intervene hastily and to cause unnecessary stress for the ewes.’ The miniature rooftop ecosystem is a successful It shows how space can be reused and how residential space can be used creatively.

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