Cultural tip on SDG 12: Dance performance "RE_CYCLE"

  • 2022-12-16
  • Janna Degener-Storr
Group of dancers on stage in synchronous movement and shiny clothes
RE_CYCLE, tanzbar_bremen, Concept und Choreography: Günther Grollitsch in collaboration with the dancers © Daniela Buchholz

Is this art or garbage? This is the question addressed by the diverse team of five of ‘’ in their piece ‘RE_CYCLE’. It thus look at SDG 12 "".

A fishing net and a number of surgical masks are dangling from the ceiling in dim light, a sculpture made of garbage seems to be extending one arm up and one down, its huge shadow can be seen in the background. On the floor there are a metal barrel, a plastic container, a waste bin, a side table and a rolled up yoga mat.

The people on stage are moving around this setting with grave expressions. They tear off their clothes, run across the stage, dance on their own and together, sometimes seemingly against each other, throwing and kicking away props – accompanied in part by dramatic music. ‘How much do you offer?’ is the only sentence spoken in the at .

The word recycling consists of the prefix ‘re’ meaning ‘again’ and the word ‘cycle’. ‘Re_cycle’ therefore means that things are returned to the cycle; that waste is used to create something new. In the dance performance of the same name, garbage is not only used in stage design but is also repurposed in dancing. This is also done to reflect the value of artistic work.

The piece was developed by the group of artists called ‘tanzbar_bremen’ in cooperation with the ‘steptext dance project’ and it premiered at Theater Berlin on 27 April 2022. The team is diverse with positions for people with and without handicaps and it also holds dance and acting classes.

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