Infographic: Behördendeutsch - what's that?

Infographics: Behördendeutsch, what´s that? Illustration of a confused woman, an official document and a stamp
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Behördendeutsch (also referred to as Beamtendeutsch) is a form of written German favoured by authorities and civil servants. It is often highly convoluted and can sometimes be difficult to understand, even for native speakers. In this infographic we point out some of the key features and offer tips for easier communication with the authorities.

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  • Alumniportal Deutschland


    Hello Puneet, thanks a lot for your comment. We are glad that the infographic is helpful! :)

    Hello Michael, thank you for your question. In the Englisch version of the infographic, the explanatory texts are in English. Since the infographic is about a German language phenomenon, the example sentences are in German.

  • Puneet


    Excellent representation and examples! Loved the infographic. :)

  • Michael onesimo


    Language is delivery is unknown - English or german?

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