Nine tips for innovative ideas and solutions in everyday working life

 Enhance your innovative power with these tips!
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Want to become more creative and innovative? Then just get started – creativity can be practised and innovation can be learnt! Daniela from the editorial team has put together a list of nine tips for an innovative approach to thinking and working. These can help you put your plan into action, even if you have strict framework conditions and your to-do list is full.

These tips may seem trivial at first, but taken together they can help you gain a fresh perspective on problems and spot new potential and opportunities. Innovations call for courage and commitment. As time goes by, you are certain to inspire others around you who will then join you.

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The infographic explains the definition and origin of the term innovation, how innovative strength can be measured and what innovation means in practice. It also provides important figures on the innovation potential of different countries and introduces innovative locations and projects in Germany.

Emails are the most important means of communicating with colleagues at work. No wonder you find 20, 30 or even 50 new messages in your inbox every morning. We’ve collected a few tips to help you effectively manage your emails with as little stress as possible.

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