Alexander von Humboldt: an impressive personality

On 14 September 2019, he turns 250. We are talking about Alexander von Humboldt. As a pioneer in research travel, globalization and environmental protection, this versatile personality continues to set the standard in science today. Numerous events in the "Humboldt Year" commemorate the exceptionally dynamic researcher personality.

For this occasion, we have put together for you a selection of exciting portals, informative websites and event information about Alexander Humboldt.

What Humboldt means to us

What do scientists and scholars associate with Humboldt today? Fascinating replies from five researchers who are strongly involved in exchange between Germany and Latin America.


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Humboldt y las Américas

A transnational thematic season on Alexander von Humboldt's 250th birthday: person, research, network, context and impact. The significance of Humboldt's legacy for the present and today's challenges is central to the events in Latin America and Germany. (In German only)

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Humboldt magazine Kosmos

The term "Kosmos" stands for Alexander von Humboldt's claim to comprehend the world as a whole. How do artists, scientists from South America and Germany reflect today's relationship between man and the environment, between economy and ecology? How do you analyze today's South American societies in terms of equity and sustainability? (In German and Portuguese only)

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Photo booth #WirSindHumboldt

The Humboldt University of Berlin has launched a campaign #WirsindHumboldt in which graduates and others can post a photo of themselves with a motif that has is related to Humboldt as well as an attribute that describes Humboldt or themselves.

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The Humboldt-Code

He was an obsessive networker, a daredevil and a marketing genius. The reports on his travels and adventures earned him star status. Today, on the 250th anniversary of his birth, the Prussian scholar is still revered. On the secret of an eternal idol.


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Expedition Humboldt

With the Expedition Humboldt the Deutsche Welle wants to show what an extraordinary man Alexander von Humboldt was. Join them on a journey of discovery and follow in Humboldt's footsteps. The website will be updated regularly with new stories and adventures from the Humboldt reporters.

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He was a researcher, world traveller and visonary of globalism. Alexander von Humboldt turns 250. Explore the Humboldt Year with the portal of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.



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Alexander von Humboldt on

Topic of the week on the Germany Portal Alexander von Humboldt.

Read current articles about the Humboldt anniversary.


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July 2019


Dr. Eng. Ngosa Howard Mpamba
3 July 2019

He did excellent work in laying the foundation in scientific research!

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