The Humboldt Geography of Knowledge is online!

Since mid-December, visualizations of the Humboldt network have been available on the AvH website under the new brand "Humboldt Geography of Knowledge".

The site invites you to visually explore the global Humboldt network: You can browse the world maps for world regions and continents (Where do Humboldtians work? Where did the Foundation most recently acquire new Humboldtians?) and take a closer look at four regions. Here you can also leaf through portraits of Humboldtians - all of them impressive personalities who underline the important contributions that the Humboldt Network makes to international understanding and networking of cutting-edge research.

Click here for the Humboldt Geography of Knowledge.

How important are international networks such as the Humboldt Network for international understanding? Let us know what you think!

January 2020


4 March 2020

Dear Mr. Inuwa,

it is good to hear that you wish to apply for a fellowship at the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. In case any questions regarding your application come up, you can always contact the staff at the foundation via the email address
Best regards from Bonn

30 January 2020

Alexander Humboldt, is truely a reknown person world wide.Also, his foundation, has make his name,more popular, not only in europe or Germany.There are good number of beneficiaries of his scholarship sponsorships.This has inspired me to sometime, applied for the educational support as a member of Alumnideutschland portland,I hope, my profile, would be reviewed so that I can be a successful candidate.

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