India's AI Ecosystem: An overview

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In 2018, India's AI national strategy was released and since then Artificial Intelligence as a technology has found much discussion and dialogue among the policy makers with regards to ethical and responsible AI and AI governance, within the start-up ecosystem with India's start-ups gaining much capital investment, research and development with technical and academic institutions taking with research projects and lastly within the civil society who are much worried about the risks and challenges that AI based solutions shall bring to the society in general.

In this Virtual Coffee Break, Gaurav Sharma, alumnus of the German Chancellor Fellowship, will provide an overview about the policy initiatives, critical topics of discussion, thematic areas where the use of AI is being explored and experimented with and importantly how India is rooted to bring the advantages of AI for all. Examples will be presented to relate the power of AI in the Indian context and how AI has the power to contribute at accelerating and helping decision makers in delivering socio economic impact.

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