Well organized in home office and working successfully in remote teams

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Online seminar

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There have been discussions about Work 4.0 and how the world of work is changing in the digital age for a long time. Since the outbreak of the Corona virus, topics such as remote work, mobile working, working in home office and digital collaboration have suddenly gained in importance worldwide. In many places, it is becoming apparent that working outside the office will be part of normality for many, not just during the corona pandemic.

Why participate?

This web-seminar will make you fit for mobile work and working in home office. You will also learn how teamwork can be organized efficiently even from a distance.

Content of web-seminar

The format contains impulses for the following questions:
• How do I organize myself in home office / when working remotely?
• How do I create a team feeling and keep the team motivated?
• How do I ensure a good work-life balance?
• How do I make teamwork over distance efficient and successful?
• How do I ensure good communication?

In addition, there will be impulses on the following topics:
• Define and establish common rules and rituals for remote work
• Infrastructure and digital tools for remote teams
• Conduct effective remote meetings
• Organization of work in a decentralized team
• Recognize and use your personal biorhythm
• Create spaces for open exchange in a team


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