Web seminars

17 December 2020

Do we all have to learn to code?

In any discussion with friends or acquaintances about the future of work, the topic of digitalisation is bound to come up at some point. This issue is so omnipresent that some people are starting to wonder: will IT specialists soon be the only job-seekers in demand everywhere, while all other professions lose significance? Will jobs only be created in the technology sectors? Must we therefore learn programming in order to be fit for the future?

3 December 2020

Project Europe: Work-in-Progress

A static EU would be an inauspicious EU. That the European project has a future is certainly not a self-evident given; this future relies upon the decisions that would guarantee it — or upon an inactivity that could sentence it to rather dim prospects. Join us in a virtual discussion about Europe with Dr Sotiris Mitralexis.