Infographic: Illiteracy worldwide

According to the 2013/14 UNESCO Education for All Monitoring Report, there are 781 million illiterate people worldwide. This means that around every tenth person in the world cannot read or write properly. Around 500 million illiterates live in only ten countries, as many as of half of them India. The Arabic States have made the greatest progress; their literacy rates have risen significantly during the last 20 years.

Get an overview of the topic of worldwide illiteracy in our infographics.  

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Illiteracy in Germany

Germany has a population of over 80 million. Of these, about 7.5 million adults between the ages of 18 and 64 are ‘functionally illiterate’ and can barely read and write. But help is available for those affected.

‘Illiteracy in Germany: more than seven million adults are barely able to read and write’


April 2016

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19 July 2017

Dear Ali,

thank you very much for your comment - we have corrected the population of Pakistan from 1,3 BN to 193,6 M.

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Alumniportal Deutschland - Redaktion

14 July 2017

The population of Pakistan is wrong under the heading 'Financing'.

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