Why research in Germany?

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Five alumni, five questions: Part 2

You spent a research stay in Germany: Why did you choose Germany?

Rasha Hanafi

Germany is well known of its advancement in scientific research especially pharmaceutical sciences, so it is always one of the top destination for pharmaceutical scientists. In addition, the University of Tuebingen in Germany is sister to our German University in Cairo, where with the support of the dynamic DAAD in Cairo, mobility funds are available to compete for. Germany is very welcoming to researchers and scientists, it targets excellent candidates via its variable and generous funding agencies including and . I have not seen another country who invests that much to bring together researchers from all over the world. 

Olufemi Ernest Ojo

From the time I registered for my PhD study, I knew all along that I would like to experience science in Germany. During that period, I reviewed a lot of literatures on my research topic and I became familiar with the top notch scientific innovations from German institutions. New set of data and  landmark discoveries were always emerging from Germany. Many of the leading scientists in my field were Germans working in Germany. I had a strong desire to learn from them with the possibility of reproducing whatever they were doing over there in my home country. The testimonies of senior colleagues who have at one point or the other conducted research in Germany further reinforced my decision to have the 'Germany experience'. The brief interaction I had with Prof. Stefan Schwarz (who later became my host and collaborator in Germany) at a conference in Leipzig intensified my desire to work with him for my postdocctoral research. 

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Pooja Dwivedi

I decided to on Germany because of the strong working on diverse topics in my field. I Have not seen any such opportunity provided by any other nation where even early-age researchers can develop their ideas and research solutions in their own capacity. , open to ideas, cultures, and people from all.
over the world. Innovation and high-tech are highly valued here. At the same time, however, there is a strong regional awareness of tradition and culture here, and – due to the federal structure of the 16 states – there are often differences in official and educational matters.

I was so impressed with the idea of the fellowship provided by the that when I applied for a place through the I at the time, I didn’t even look for any other fellowships on my wish list – there was just no alternative for me.

Crop waste management solutions are not infrequently ridiculed in waste management practices or research; the fellowship model is, in fact, scientific and modern and is based on an approach that has been practiced in Germany, which is the biggest learning for the people coming from the developing countries.

Good reasons to do research in Germany

Good reasons to do research in Germany
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Germán Molpeceres

It is clear that Germany is a . Almost every city in Germany has a University with excellent infrastructure and research groups. Besides, there are ample for an early-career researcher in Germany, through different country and state-wise competitive calls.  Before finishing my PhD I had a clear roadmap with the scientific topics I wanted to cover in the next years, and to develop such projects independently, Germany was the best country.

Scientifically, the choice of the group of Professor Kästner was straightforward. I met Prof. Kästner in an international conference, in 2016, in Sapporo, Japan, when I was starting my PhD. The topic he covered in the presentation, atom tunnelling in astrochemical reactions, immediately captivated me and made me want to explore such a topic in my future research.

Patrick Opoku

I decided on Germany for several reasons. First, Germany is a lively, stimulating place to do research. Second, I have a strong network with German professionals in my field. Therefore, the sharing of ideas and the positive, supportive environment in Germany make research stays very productive and fertile. Finally, having been to several countries around the world, I have come across few with such impressive research facilities and adaptable environment as Germany displays. Germany is always a friendly and valuable country for academic and research work. The high interest in Germany by foreigners and researchers demonstrates that Germany is on the right path.

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