Sustainable Biogas Solution for Waste Management and Electricity Generation

A Sustainable Panacea to Nigeria's Perennial Energy Crisis and Organic Waste Management

In Nigeria, the improper disposal of waste from abattoirs, cattle ranches, and other sources causes health and environmental issues, such as air and water pollution. The wastewater and cattle dung generated from slaughterhouses are often released into nearby rivers and bush areas, leading to health problems for nearby communities.

The proposal aims to address this waste management challenge by implementing a biogas technology solution. The idea involves using the waste from the abattoir to produce biogas for electricity generation and biofertilizer production. This would not only help in waste management but also provide a sustainable source of electricity in a country facing energy shortages. The plan is to establish a biogas power plant at the abattoir site in Oyo State through a public-private partnership with the support of a German biogas company. The project would be implemented by the start-up renewable energy company, Green Energy Tech Africa, in collaboration with the abattoir owner, Oyo state government, and Technical University, Ibadan.

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