A Robotic Menagerie

Robotic frog sits on a stem of a plant
© Getty Images/Menno van Dijk


Language: English

As an aerospace engineer and roboticist Rob Siddall develops robots that can tackle the most challenging terrain to address environmental problems by investigating the most agile animals in nature. He has developed aquatic aircraft, a robotic flying gecko and a fish that collects microplastics. In this Virtual Coffee Break, through these designs he will show how robotics can be used as a tool to further understand animal locomotion and ultimately build better robots, and how advanced technology can be used to protect nature. He will also consider how combining biology and robotics can provide a fantastic entry point into science communication as well as engineering for young people with an interest in science. In this context, he will talk about the international bioinspired robotics contest he has started.

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Learn about the work of Robert Siddall and the Natural Robotic Contest

Researchers involved in robotics can discover a lot from nature. Dr Robert Siddall works in the field of ‘bio-inspired robotics’ and has organised a contest to bring young people closer to the subject.

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