Workshop series on Social Entrepreneurship

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Workshop series

July - September 2024

Language: English

Do you want to turn your idea into an entrepreneurial venture with social impact? Our digital workshop series includes three modules that are designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to set off and succeed on your journey to creating ventures that make a real impact. The workshops provide theoretical knowledge, frameworks as well as practical applications on three thematic areas: idea generation, business model generation, and pitching. 

These workshops are a great opportunity for you to develop a well thought out idea if you are planning to submit an idea to our ,

The workshop series is an exclusive and free offer for members of the and brought to you in collaboration with . The sessions will be led by Raju Gurung - an experienced professional and Germany alumnus - and his team of expert partners, Lena Tünkers, Alex Felman and Irene Bejenke Walsh. 

Module 1: Idea Generation: Unlocking the power of social innovation
Module 2: Business Model Generation: Turning Ideas into Successful Ventures
Module 3: Pitching Masterclass: Mastering the Art of Storytelling and Persuasion
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The online course is developed in cooperation with 10x Innovators

is a boutique consultancy that empowers innovators and entrepreneurs to achieve exponential growth. By collaborating with and assembling industry experts, they deliver customised entrepreneurship, innovation, and venture-building programs. Their services include taking ideas to market, designing customer-centric organisations, and scaling new markets. They have worked with over 150 startups globally, offering mentorship, investor pitch training, and leadership development, driving impact across various sectors through a 10x thinking mindset. The consultancy is founded and led by Raju Gurung.


  • Brian Snyder Aros Amaya



  • C.N. Rusere


    After recently completing my PhD studies, this is a great opportunity for me to learn more about how I can imagine transitioning from academia into entrepreneurship with social impact.

  • Ako Eyo Oku


    I am the Co-Founder of Eureka Learners Foundation, a non-profit that fosters lifelong learning for youths and adults in marginalized communities, helping them build skills and capacities for sustainable livelihoods. We are currently in the process of floating our social enterprise to sell our courses and books at low cost. I am registering for this course to learn best practices for our endeavours.

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