Artificial Intelligence Micromobility Platform

Artificial Intelligence Micromobility Platform: Empowering Collaborative Partnerships for Sustainable Micromobility Solutions

The problem is the lack of service reliability in micromobility, which hinders its potential as a competitive and sustainable mode of transportation. Cities face growing congestion and pollution issues, and while micromobility offers a solution, the inconsistent and unreliable services provided by micromobility operators affect user satisfaction and resource allocation inefficiencies.

The proposed solution is the development of an Artificial Intelligence Micromobility Platform (AIPM) that fosters collaborative partnerships among key stakeholders, including local authorities, micromobility operators, and users. AIPM will leverage AI management capabilities, resource allocation strategies, and data management to ensure real-time micromobility demand management, personalized services for users, and seamless integration with other public transport options. By providing a cloud platform and promoting public-private partnerships, AIPM aims to maximize the utilization of micromobility for environmental protection, social development, cost efficiency, and space effectiveness. The platform will offer transparency, security, and adaptability to specific urban environments, enabling reliable and sustainable micromobility solutions for cities.

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