E-Bikes for Sustainable Kampala

E-bike Carbon Credit Project for Urban Dwellers in Kampala, Uganda

Kampala's rapid urbanization and population growth bring forth mobility challenges, including traffic congestion, accidents, and air pollution. The lack of an integrated public transport system, coupled with high fuel prices, exacerbates these issues and widens gender disparities in economic empowerment

To address these challenges and support SDG 11, we propose establishing an e-bike transport system in the Kampala metropolitan area. This unique service aims to provide resource-efficient and inclusive mobility options for urban dwellers, with a particular focus on promoting e-bike riding amongst women. The project includes policy advocacy, bike network mapping, sensitization campaigns, operator capacity building, and the procurement and launch of a fleet of e-bikes. By offering a quicker, safer, and more sustainable alternative, this intervention seeks to enhance mobility, ease congestion, and support local authorities in creating a more sustainable urban environment.

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