Agenda 2030 - where do we stand?

With the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the international community expresses its conviction that global challenges can only be solved together. The core of the Agenda is a catalogue of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which became effective on 1 January 2016 for a period of 15 years (until 2030). In the course of our focus topic (six years later), we would like to address the question of how far the global community has come.

Agenda 2030 - where do we stand?

Sustainable Future

Climate and environmental protection are among the most important issues of our time. How can we still stop climate change? How can we shape a sustainable future and live as resource-efficiently as possible? As part of our focus topic Sustainable Future, we will present alumni, initiatives and programs that are working for a sustainable world in different ways. There will also be podcasts, tips for sustainable everyday life and many other formats that encourage people to get involved.

Nachhaltige Zukunft

Science Communication

Since the Corona pandemic at the latest, the word science communication has been on everyone's lips. Science communication refers both to the communication of scientific results within science and to the public. In the context of this focus topic, we examine, among other things, various formats of science communication and take a look behind the scenes of science with exciting contributions.

Science Communication

Social Cohesion

A cohesive society has always been important. Its importance has taken on a whole new dimension with the Corona pandemic. However, social cohesion is not only important in overcoming health crises, but also in combating climate change, working against discrimination and much more. Learn more.

Social cohesion

Career in Germany

Here you will find facts about the German job market, collections of links with all relevant information on the topic of "Working in Germany", guides with the most important steps on the way to a job or articles where alumni and alumnae describe their own career experiences and give valuable tips how to be successful in Germany.

Career in Germany


Due to the German presidency of the EU Council in the second half of 2020, the Alumniportal will focus more on the topics EU and Europe in the coming months. You can look forward to exciting reports, events, cultural tips, comics and contributions!


The Alumniportal’s new focus topic is called Setting out – People on the move. The focus of our attention will be Germany-Alumni who set out, who are on the move. But you also set out when you go on holidays or emigrate – or even if you are forced to flee from your home. Setting out often means learning a foreign language, becoming integrated into a new society or gathering intercultural experience. We will look at some of the social and political issues that arise from migration, professional mobility and tourism.

Setting out – People on the move

Education is a human right – and yet, according to UNICEF, 58 million children worldwide currently don’t have access to a school education and according to UNESCO, 781 million people are illiterate. As part of our focus topic, we would like to enter into a discussion with you: What is the significance of education today, both for individual lives and for social development as a whole? Which doors are opening – or maybe remaining closed – for women or people from low-income backgrounds in general?


If we want today’s and tomorrow’s generations to have the same chances for a fulfilled life, we have to act sustainably on all levels. And this doesn’t only apply to governments or companies – sustainability affects all areas of our everyday lives! That is why our focus topic ‘Sustainable living’ addresses the question of how every one of us can contribute to a lifestyle that protects our environment and resources. 

Sustainable living

This was about people and projects that are committed to social and ecological issues – in their immediate surroundings as well as in the international arena. Under the heading of ‘initiate.participate.change.’, we presented options for getting active and examples for initiatives in civil society and politics taken by Germany-Alumni. Our #MissionResponsible competition invited Germany-Alumni to showcase their commitment to better cooperation and a more sustainable future on the Alumniportal. 


Could you imagine a life without e-learning, social media or online shopping? Today, almost every area of life is dominated by the Internet. This brings many benefits, but on the other side we are worried about a lack of privacy or personal isolation. In 2014, we focused on these developments: It was all about digital society. We had a look at specific examples, to find out how the Internet has changed society and how it shapes everyday life.

Digital Society