Recent calls and announcements

12 March, 2021

‘A Pinch of Skin’: film screening and discussion

‘A Pinch of Skin’ by Priya Goswami is a national award-winning documentary on the practice of Female Genital Cutting prevalent in India. We watch the film together with the author and director Priya Goswami, who is available for questions and discussion afterwards. #byalumniforalumni

18th March 2021

Mind the Gap: How Covid-19 Holds Women Back

Due to the pandemic, women dropped out of the labor market to an alarming extent. So how do we work together to help ensure women don’t keep falling behind? What can be done right now, not just after the pandemic, to help women continue pursuing equality in spite of Covid-19? Join our discussion as we talk about what’s holding women back and help us figure out how together we can try to turn this tide. #byalumniforalumni